Tyres are not just the domain of the fast fit. We do quality repairs, often as competitively as a fast fit, but with better results.

The Law requires a minimum depth of 1.6mm across ¾ of the tread.

SAFETY FIRST: Replace your tyres at 3mm as recommended by manufacturers and RoSPA.

FACT: A tyre at 1.6mm on smooth concrete, 80km/hr takes 46.6% longer to stop against a new 7mm tyre, and that is in the dry!

Less than 1.6mm will mean an endorsement of 3 points for each illegal tyre. Points mean pedestrian.

Attention must be given to rotational tyres being fitted correctly and different constructions must not be on the same axel. You can mix brands and patterns, but it is always better to try and avoid this if possible.

Puncture repair service available - but remember never drive on a flat tyre.

We are unable to provide an exact quote on line. Please contact us for a discussion and to arrange an appointment.

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